Sunday, December 15, 2013

Journey of the Mini-Mes

The Mini-Mes are ready for take-off. Safe in their tiny tube, they float like underwater astronauts, sound asleep in a state of chilly hibernation. Insulated in their cooler, bouncing and swaying all the way from Tennessee to Indiana, they move onward from Indiana to Connecticut.  Along the way they are scanned and tracked, dropped at a sorting facility and zipped away again on a conveyor belt to their next destination.
These are single-minded creatures on a mission and the clock is ticking!
The mini-mes are Hudson’s; a handsome & masculine stud dog and our Quinn’s amant. She was bred by AI in the beginning of December, with hopes that love would bloom.
However, science and technology can only do so much. Mother nature can be capricious and willful. So we sit and wait.
I pull out the fertility statue, long since packed away and given to me sometime between baby #2 and #4. I rub her belly eight times for the eight puppies I hope Quinn will have. Then one more time for good luck. Superstitions die hard. I close my eyes and try to come up with other options to appease the deities. Maybe Anahit, the Armenian goddess of fertility, birth, beauty and water can help. It is especially cold here, so perhaps Haumea, mother of Pele and the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and birth, will heat things up. A little fire & ice couldn’t hurt!
December is a magical time of year; full of darkness and dreams.  Sometimes in life you have no choice but to believe.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to All!